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CaseVue brings BIG data to Eligibility Decisions

CaseVue features ensure better Medicaid eligibility decisions.
CaseVue Data Verification

Data Verification

CaseVue fuses multiple 3rd party data sources. This information helps verify: Identity, Residency, Citizenship, Income, and Assets.

CaseVue Privacy

Privacy Protection

CaseVue is designed to protects your critical information. We encrypt every transaction across the site to ensure your company and client data remain safe and protected.

CaseVue Dial

Risk Identification

CaseVue transforms Big Data into an agile risk assessment tool. Advanced data mining tools leverage 30 million cases to accurately assess risk.

What does CaseVue offer to your company?

CaseVue provides user-friendly access and intelligence to your financial and admission teams.
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Making difficult admissions decisions is hard and sometimes painful. CaseVue is designed to ease the struggle by supporting fast and accurate decisions at a reasonable price.


CaseVue is fast! We respond to your requests in a quarter of a second! The solution is powered by advanced software, hardware and telecommunications capabilities that have been optimized to provide case managers with real-time decision support information. Our technology team manages everything. There is nothing to install. Just log in and go!


CaseVue is the most accurate eligibility predictor on the market today! The software has been responsible for scoring more than 30 million Medicaid cases in the United States. CaseVue "learns" from every case that is entered into its database, allowing you and your admissions team to leverage lessons from millions of other applicants.


CaseVue connects with the best available outside data sources to ensure you have clarity into stores of information available no where else. By combining asset, property, bank account and transfer information with sources to ensure identity, residency and citizenship, CaseVue provides real-time insight into information that is unknown to your team.


CaseVue's proprietary scoring solution works much like a credit score. Advanced models and predictive analytics refined over six years and millions of cases are applied to every case submitted to CaseVue for scoring. The scores which predict eligibility are delivered as a number, a colored dial and a list of individual factors influencing the score.

CaseVue Highlights

Our scoring screen is where you will discover just how powerful CaseVue is for determining Medicaid eligibility. Check out some of our key features...
CaseVue Data


Our formulas use hundreds of bits of data gathered from the most credible sources available today.

CaseVue Scores


CaseVue risk scores are the result of calculations from the most complex predictive models used in healthcare eligibility.

CaseVue Verification


CaseVue provides real time verification of the most important parts of Medicaid eligibility decisions.

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