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CaseVue software helps you qualify self-pay patients for healthcare coverage in real time and is everything you need to make fast, accurate admissions decisions
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What is CaseVue

About Us

We’re an innovative software service that helps healthcare providers find immediate paying source solutions for their uninsured patients.

Government programs? Financial aid? Charity and service discounts? We’ve got you covered. CaseVue assesses patient profiles, determines program eligibility, and autofills the applications — all in real time at the point of admission.

A few more highlights...

  • Easy 5 minute interview
  • Decisions returned in real time
  • Data verification and case support
  • Guaranteed program compliance

Under the Hood


Delivers real-time case based risk assessments to the user’s desktop


Verifies identity, residency, citizenship, income, and assets

Decision Support

Uses rules and risk based eligibility engines to find compatible programs


Monitors key metrics for performance and compliance

CaseVue Delivers Benefits to Patients and Providers

Hospital Presumptive Eligibility

Using CaseVue’s 4 minute interview, data fusion, and realtime analytics, Hospitals are cutting uncompensated care debt by more than 20%.

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Long Term Care

Long Term Care customers across the nation have saved over $100,000,000 with Casevue’s pre-admission case assessments.

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Make Medicaid Decisions in Realtime

Medicaid’s new Hospital Presumptive Eligibility program allows hospitals to determine Medicaid eligibility, prior to admission. This presents a tremendous opportunity for hospitals to improve cash flow and minimize bad debt.

CoverMe eases the stress of difficult Hospital Presumptive Eligibility decisions by compiling and scoring all the data and information needed to make fast, accurate determinations; delivering completed applications straight to the user’s desktop in seconds.

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Fast, Accurate Long Term Care Admissions

CoverMe solves many of the challenges faced by nursing home facility administrators and staff. LTC providers are required to make fast, accurate decisions regarding the admission of applicants, often without the necessary information.

CaseVue gives you the supplemental case data you need, analyzes it based on patient profile, program rules and eligibility risks; produces an eligibility assessment for the case and delivers it back to your desktop - all in real-time.

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  • We’ve helped make more than 42,000,000 case determinations
  • Over 200 providers use CaseVue to make eligibility decisions
  • Our services are in daily use in 22 states …and counting

About Us

CaseVue software was created by CoverMe Services, Inc., an experienced technology innovator and provider of award-winning health and human service software solutions. For more information, please visit

Fully Responsive

CaseVue can be used with desktops, pads, and mobile devices

Integration Ready

You can be up and running in a matter of minutes using our online program or we can integrate with your EHR provider

Lightning Fast

CaseVue delivers eligibility determinations in under a second

User Friendly

CaseVue is an easy to use, intuitive application. Patient eligibility determinations can be made in just a few minutes.


CaseVue complies with all HIPPA, HITECH and all state program requirements

Performance Oriented

Our comprehensive reporting functionality gives you the program transparency you need to manage for success

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